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The Opposite of the Carbine, and other Shenanigans with Chuck Haggard
Tamara Keel

I set off for my morning walk a few weeks ago, there in the tail end of what was an extremely bipolar winter, and was glad to have a nice warm Kitanica coat. It was 17 degrees out in the predawn Indianapolis darkness, and the light shell I’d worn on yesterday morning’s 53°F walk wouldn’t cut it this morning.

I jammed my hands in my pockets as the wind started up and…dammit, I’d apparently left my can of OC spray in yesterday’s jacket. The thought crossed my mind that the internet would tell me that the .32 Magnum J-frame in my outer coat pocket was about the same as pepper spray.

All this is a segue into a couple of training blocks I took not long after that walk, at the 2017 Tactical Conference put on by Rangemaster at DARC in Arkansas.

The first up was a two-hour orientation on OC spray with Chuck Haggard, a program he called “Between a Kind Word and a Gun”. Pepper spray was one of those things I’d long advocated people carry without actually taking my own advice. I reasoned that, as a middle-aged woman, the only way I could be in a demographic less likely to get challenged to a fight in a bar parking lot after midnight would be to be either twenty years older or forty years younger. And that’s what pepper spray is for if you already carry a gun, right? Fisticuffs-type situations? Wrong.

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