We decided to stop by the LifeStraw booth today between appointments to see what was new in their market for 2017/2018. They are still killing it with the tried and true original LifeStraw which we have showcased on the Loadout Room as well as a few of their other products.

The newest product that caught our attention is the Water Bottle Adapter Kit. These should be available September 2017.

Outdoor Retailer 2017 | LifeStraw

Outdoor Retailer 2017 | LifeStraw

Instead of having to buy their water bottle and filter combo, you will have the option to purchase the Water Bottle Adapter Kit and add the LifeStraw filtering system to water bottles you already own and use. At their booth they showed the adapter kit being used on Nalgene, Hydro Flask and Camelbak water bottles. It is also compatible with select Klean Kanteen water bottles (identified in the above product packaging). I’m looking forward to adding this to my favorite Camelbak Eddy water bottle when they become available for purchase which it slated for September 2017.Outdoor Retailer 2017 | LifeStraw

Now you can add a filter to your existing water bottle and have the ability to filter 1000 liters of water. If you have a 32 ounce water bottle, that’s 1000 bottles worth of water before needing a replacement! It’s an extremely simple product, but one that I believe will do really well for them.

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