As you may know, I’m a bit of a Yeti fanboy. While kicking around at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, I happened across another cool product from this titan of chill. Yet this is Yetis first product designed not to keep your drinks cold. What’s that you say? Yep, designed NOT to keep anything cold. But as always, these products remain over-engineered and badass. This is the Yeti Loadout Bucket.

It’s essentially a Home Depot bucket on steroids. 5 gallons of Yeti awesomeness. Capable of carrying 300 pounds of who knows what. The nylon strap and handle are way more comfortable than that crappy metal/plastic handle you find on the Homer bucket. Additionally, Yeti will offer in the near future, a caddy insert, tool pouch for the outside along with a clear top similar to the Rambler mugs they offer. Finally, a rubberized bottom ring provides a solid non slip base to the Yeti Louadout Bucket.

But who the hell is going to pay $39.99 for an uninsulated 5 gallon Yeti Loadout bucket? This guy! As a general contractor, I utilize quite a few of those cheap orange buckets. For everything from mixing grout to hauling tools in and out of certain job sites. Why not upgrade to the baddest contractor bucket on the market? After all, my subcontractors will assume they’re not charging me enough if I swing a couple $40 buckets onto the next job. The utility of these buckets are undeniable, just take a look at any construction site and you’ll see them everywhere.

While the Yeti Loadout Bucket isn’t advertised as a beer cooler. I’m absolutely certain that a bucket full of ice and a few beers would not only get cold, but get consumed as well. Besides, they named it the Yeti Loadout Bucket.