Even if you can cram everything you’d ever need in your EDC pack, it’s only useful if it’s easy to get to at a moment’s notice. Most traditional backpack designs make more sense for simply lugging gear from point A to point B, while crossbody slings and messenger bags make for a more nimble EDC that’s always ready. But one backpack aims to turn that preconception on its head. The Outlier Ultrahigh Quadzip is a truly unique pack from its design to its construction, made from a material that’s ounce for ounce stronger than steel. We got a chance to give you a closer look at this pack courtesy of the technical menswear experts at Outlier for this review.

An Outlier in Every Way

Even the best EDC-worthy backpacks tend to look alike: tactical styling, heavy-duty ballistic nylon, and pockets for everything you can imagine. For many of you, that sounds like the perfect bag. But for plenty of EDCers who prefer something lightweight, minimal, and discreet, it just isn’t ideal. The Outlier Ultrahigh Quadzip is nothing like a tactical pack, and I mean that in the best way possible.

To get a better understanding of the bag, you should know a bit about the brand behind it. Based out of New York City, Outlier is best known for making high-performance, utilitarian, and stylish clothing for men. There’s definitely plenty of overlap in their approach to clothing and what we as EDCers look for in gear.

Where we take note of blade steels, ergonomics on a pen, and color rendition on a flashlight, Outlier obsesses over fabrics and hardware that give their pants proper stretch and mobility, their button-ups stainproofing and longevity, and even their T-shirts temperature regulation and wrinkle resistance. Aside from classic styles you can easily wear to the office, Outlier tends to get experimental with their products.

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