I recently reviewed a couple of products from Hard Korr lighting. A flexible LED strip that we use to light our Tepui roof top tent and awning. As well as the multi-purpose UNI Light. Both items are high-quality kit and have become a permanent fixture in our Overland set-up. We recently traveled 850 miles south to Reeb Ranch, the location of Overland Expo East, where I was fortunate enough to catch up with Martin O’Grady of Hard Korr Lighting. The video below covers the basics of Hard Korr’s Flexible Folding Solar Mats. A necessity for Overland travel and camping.

As my wife and I continue to refine our Overland Rig, we see the need to transition from conventional ice coolers to a Dometic Electric Cooler. Allowing us to extend our travel off the grid and not rely on ice to keep food and beverages cool. But everything is a compromise. And with the addition of an electric cooler comes the need for additional power. Like an additional battery along with a means to keep it charged. That is where Hard Korr comes in with a powerful yet compact folding 150W solar mat. One more item to add to my constantly growing list. Stay tuned…

150W Folding Solar Mat Specifications

Cell type Monocrystalline silicon
Cell manufacturer Genuine Sunpower® cell
Backing material Fibre
Cell coating Crocskin®
Wattage 150w
Max. Voltage 19.60V
Max. Current 7.6A
Open Circuit 23.60V
Short Circuit 10.26A
Size (folded) 21.3″ x 21.3″ x 2.6″
Size (unfolded) 21.3″ x 65.4″
Operating temperature -4°F to 149°F
Weight 11.0lb
Certifications CE, RoHS, C-Tick

Pack Contents

1x 150w solar mat
1x 15A 5-stage digital controller
1x 16ft lead with bullet plugs
1x 3.2ft bullet to alligator clamps
1x 11.8″ bullet to Anderson connector

Flexible Folding Solar Mat