Staying dry is the key to keeping yourself warm during the harsh winter months when you are outside. Although polyester-based products do a good enough job in that respect, it doesn’t come close to Merino wool. I bought some Icebreakers before I got into the Army, but these cost me an arm and a leg at around $120 CAD apiece. They were probably the best base layers I have ever owned, but I needed a few sets for winter exercises where I needed a change of clothes.

At about the same time that I got an ATMO2 down jacket from Paradox Outdoor, I came upon their Merino-blend base layers, sold at Costco stores in North America. Before I continue, I must say these are not 100-percent Merino like the Icebreakers, but at a fraction of the cost, I thought what the hell. Worst case, I’d just trash them after a few exercises.

Turns out I was wrong. They incorporated just enough Merino wool into a polyester/spandex blend to provide the desirable attributes of the Merino wool. These retail for $29 apiece, so they won’t break your piggybank.

The fit on these is called an athletic fit, so bigger guys might need to purchase a size larger than their usual size to have enough room.


I ran them through my winter warfare course in January, when temperatures plummeted to minus-30 centigrade. I wore them for three days straight before I changed them (ew, I know), and the anti-bacterial feature of the Merino wool kept them odor free.

The only downside I’ve found to this base layer is that the fabric tends to pile after a few washes, even if you properly follow every precaution. Other than that, I have yet to find any shortcomings.

A great option for someone looking for a quality base layer on a budget, the Paradox Outdoor Alive Base Layer is, at the moment, not available from their website. They only have the regular Alive polyester blend available for online orders.

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