Interval training can make you really fast, and prepared for your selection evals, but mind your conditioning. If you have a significant number of miles on your legs and want faster eval times, or just want to be a faster runner, then suffer through this workout and seriously watch yourself improve! If you have a training buddy, even better.

I found this article on, however, I was once subject to the very cadre mentioned. What is said about the cadres Gardner and Pope, though very true what is written about them, I don’t think can be fully understood by a single article like this: because those guys were punishers! I can remember all of those workouts. It’s punishment like the ones given by Gardner and Pope that gives pith to the old saying “an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure”; another reason to be well prepared for these schools. There was one Gardner run I remember when one of our teammates didn’t raise his arm and call aloud “Rock!”. Because of his oversight, one of our teammates subsequently tripped, fell, and cut up his leg. Gardner got pissed! He dropped the man who didn’t call out “Rock!”, made him do push-ups, had us run circles around him, and gave us all a lecture. After we were back on the road, we all were introduced to what it meant to be in the fast group. That man, by the way, had to carry that probably 8 lb. piece of concrete with him absolutely everywhere for the remainder of Indoc.

Below is the article posted by Nathaniel Morison as well as the track workout produced by MSgt Adam Pope. Your track is either imperial or metric in length, but definitely find out! Your times will reflect the difference.

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