Photo by Pat McNamara

Whether stepping into the holiday season with excitement or trepidation, it is upon us. Holiday safety, where you realize it or not, is of the utmost importance.

Thanksgiving, Black Friday Holiday Safety

We turn our clocks back and Thanksgiving follows shortly thereafter. Plan a strategy on the busiest travel days of the year. Make sure you are tanked up and invest in a power station with a compressor and jumper cables.

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If you are flying, check in your gun if you’ve got reciprocity in your destination state, aka, “free America.” If you haven’t flown with your gun, you’ll need a double locked hard case (don’t use TSA locks), declare it at the ticket counter, and hand carry to TSA. Scan the TSA website. Chances are you will know their rules better than they do, so be prepared to absorb the ass-wound once buffoonery ensues.

On the day after Turkey Day, don’t get sucked into the shenanigans of Black Friday. It’s not worth the heart burn.

If family members do get drawn in to this rookie play, tell them to keep their wits about them. Don’t get caught in the white. Check your target fixation and stay visually aware. Parking lots are a good place for would-be scammers who wait for you to back into them.

Once you find a place in the parking lot of Walmart (what I call the epicenter for disaster planning), perform a scan near and deep. Smash-and-grabs are a common theme around the merry ol’ holidays. If you lock eyes, even for a second, with a piece of dung waiting for you to let your guard down, you have taken away his ability to prey on you. A predator, just like in the wild, does not want to get caught.

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