Like many of you do, I was mindlessly scrolling through my social media newsfeed the other day and came across a short and comical video posted by Pat McNamara. Though it was brief, it echoed an important sentiment that isn’t discussed as much as it probably should be in conversations about everyday carry (EDC), concealed carry and “sheepdog” culture. In the video, Pat is seen holding punch mitts for his wife as she executes some combinations. The caption is the very message itself, it reads, “learn some fight. Doesn’t matter what style.”

As the agent of your own executive protection detail, you must realize that just because that you have a gun, does not mean that you are armed. A confrontation, more than likely, is going to go physical way before it goes lethal. So… learn some basic fight. Even if that means learning how to throw a proper one-two with a lateral move. Make it–habitual.
-Pat McNamara

To be prepared and tactically efficient means more than just owning the best gear to flaunt at the range, or even practicing sending thousands of rounds down range. First and foremost, it begins with a mindset: After all, your mind is the most powerful weapon. Knowing when to draw your concealed carry gun in an encounter as well as knowing when to go from physical to lethal in a situation is paramount. Sometimes you will need to create space between yourself and the threat before you can safely draw your pistol; in some situations, it would be ill-advised or even reckless to go lethal. Lest you also forget, you can’t and won’t always have a firearm concealed on your person. Be prepared for anything.

When it comes to confrontation, escalation of force must be considered: Avoid at all costs; if it goes to physical, strike without hesitation and purpose to achieve separation; if it goes to lethal, well… I’m being lethal.
-Pat McNamara

I agree with and pass along McNamara’s sentiment: Learn some basic fight, doesn’t matter what style. I myself like training in boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Don’t just carry a gun, be armed. As one of the old infantry adages goes, you are the weapon, your rifle is just one of your tools.

Featured photo courtesy of Pat Mac YouTube Channel