For our second Spotter Up review of the Warrior Assault Systems product line, Chase Tactical sent a Pathfinder chest rig, and I was equally impressed as with the first hands-on of the Warrior Assault Systems Covert MK1 Plate Carrier.  Chase Tactical is a veteran-owned company, which specializes in providing kit and necessary equipment items for the warfighter and public safety communities.

Brent and the crew strive to provide only vetted and proven equipment, and we are honored to be a part of those trusted to input feedback to that end.  That’s a fact.  Nothing on the Chase Tactical website is fluff or items being sold just to move some product.  If you’re looking for key mission-related items in one proven source, should be on your favorites list.

Pathfinder Chest Rig – Find Yours

The Pathfinder feels like a quality piece of kit the moment you open it up.  Heavy duty stitching, reinforcement points, drainage grommets and heavy-duty buckles are just some of the well-thought out features.  A few points should be made why any chest rig is a good or viable option for the end-user.

Certainly not a new concept, some forms of what could be considered a chest rig or a souped-up bandoleer can be found in use as early as 1900’s by European troops in African and Asian campaigns.

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