One of my passions is golfing. Although my golf game is fairly solid, my wardrobe needs some work. So a few years back, my wife reached out to Patrick Gibbons to craft a patriotic themed belt for me. For the past 7 years on Labor Day weekend, I play in a tournament at Treetops Resort that raises money for the Folds of Honor Foundation. All players are either veterans or active military. And we play an elimination type shootout on the famed Threetops Course. Home to past ESPN par 3 shootouts. So Patrick painstakingly hand-painted each scale of a Python belt in a red white and blue theme for this occasion. It was the perfect gift for the Patriot Shootout. From then on, I felt like I needed to up my belt game. And search for some exotic hides to keep my pants up.

Patrick Gibbons
Hand painted patriotic python

From a crocodile belt purchased in Florence Italy to Stingray hides from Thailand and a number of Ostrich leg, python and lizard belts from Patrick Gibbons Hand Made, they all serve a purpose. Most add a bit of flair to my typically understated golf attire. Others work well in business casual settings or a night on the town. I would recommend black and or brown for your first purchase. As they will work with just about anything you can throw on. For me, gray and white get a lot of play on the links. While various bold colors can be added for a specific look. I have several inexpensive bold colored leather straps (not pictured). Some only match one or two shirts in my closet.

Patrick Gibbons

Patrick Gibbons hand crafts belts for PGA Tour players as well as amateur golfers like myself. With several hides to pick from, like shark, stingray, crocodile, alligator, ostrich, snake and lizard, there are several price ranges to start from. Add the ability to choose belt color, edge color, stitching color and type, and you really can get build a one-off combination. My latest purchase is a gray ostrich leg belt with a “hand pick” stitch (pictured below). I love how that stitching adds to the handmade look. Additionally, Patrick crafts several golf accessories as well as lifestyle items like wallets, cash covers and credit card holders.

Patrick Gibbons
Three variations of Ostrich Leg

Belt buckles are their own animal. Any of the straps I’ve purchased have interchangeable belt buckles. From Adidas buckles to a Handmade brass buckle from a fellow Ranger, there are limitless options to further customize the look of your waistline. Several options can be found at Patrick Gibbons including custom CNC machined logos. The interwebz is another great place to look for something unique.

Patrick Gibbons
Crocodile from Florence Italy

When you travel abroad, be sure to visit the local shopping markets rather than the department stores. I found this crocodile belt at a craft market in Florence Italy. Plus, I was able to chat with the leather craftsman himself. In the meantime, if you want to update your wardrobe, take a look at patrickgibbonshandmade for a great selection of hides that are totally customizable.

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