For my concealed carry firearms I’ve been carrying the Glock 26. The sub-compact Glock 26 is a smaller gun which is easier to conceal, however, because of the smaller size you have a few drawbacks. One of those being the smaller grip size. The Glock 26 stock grip only has 2 finger grooves which leave nowhere for your pinkie finger to naturally rest. There are a few options out there to remedy this problem and I’ve tried several of them. The one I have settled on is the Pearce Grip Sub-Compact Plus Extension for Glock.

With my 26 the extension gives me that natural resting place for my finder as well as +3 rounds for increased capacity.

Pearce Grip Glock Sub-Compact Plus Extension

The Pearce Grip also works well with my NeoMag XL concealed carry mag holder. Having the XL version of the NeoMag is about perfect for my Glock 26 magazines with the Pearce Grip Extension.

Pearce Grip Glock Sub-Compact Plus Extension

Pearce Grip Glock Sub-Compact Plus Extension

I’ve done a few dry fire runs with these Pearce Grip Extensions and they seem to flow very well with my draw, grip and mag changes.

Pearce Grip Glock Sub-Compact Plus Extension

Glock Sub-Compact Plus Extension XL round counts:

  • +1 for Glock 39
  • +2 for Glock 27/33
  • +3 for Glock 26

Key Benefits:

  • These units blend with the contours and texture of the handgun giving a factory appearance.
  • They are made from High Impact Polymer and withstand drop tests at temperatures from -20 F to 350 F.
  • They form the next logical finger positioning feature to provide control and comfort without sacrificing conceal ability.
  • Provides magazine identification via Mag-Track™ for those that rotate magazine usage.

MSRP of $9.95 direct from Pearce Grips

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