Hearing and eye protection are two necessities that should be in every range bag. The sound of a gunshot is so damaging to the human ear that protecting it must be a top priority if you shoot regularly. There are several companies out there offering hearing protection for shooters. From simple foam earplugs to ear muffs to electronic ear muffs. Peltor Sport is a 3M company that caters to the civilian shooter/hunter. While Peltor “proper” concentrates on the Military and Law Enforcement markets. Both offering protection for both eyes and ears.  In this article, I’ll take a closer look at the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 electronic ear muffs.

Dialing in the P365

Peltors new Sport Tactical line includes both 300 and 500 models. The 300 is a fully featured electronic ear muff. The Sport Tactical 500 adds Bluetooth connectivity to the unit. Making it a very versatile all day ear muff. Employing 3M Smart Technology, the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 has a Noise Reduction Rating of 26dB. Utilizing its proprietary 3M technology, gunshot noise is suppressed while low sounds are amplified. Additionally, Gunshot Recognition and Suppression Technology has the ability to identify the type of firearm used as well as the environment. ie. indoor vs outdoor environments. Further optimizing the noise protection necessary to keep your ears safe.

Another slick feature is Clear Voice Tracking Technology. This seeks voice patterns to improve how they are heard in the headset. To say the least, there is some pretty sophisticated tech going on in this modern headset. But I will assure you that it all just kinda works in the background. Set-up and phone pairing was a breeze. My son and have been shooting a few times together this spring. I’ve been using the new Tactical 500 while he uses another brand. And they just work like a charm. They attenuate very quickly when a shot is fired yet offer amazing low noise and voices to be clearly transmitted. No more adjusting volume or popping one earpiece off to hear each other talk.

Bluetooth connectivity

What the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 offers that the 300 does not is the ability to connect to a phone or device via Bluetooth. Once initially paired with your phone, it automatically pairs each time the headset is turned on. With that connection made, the shooter has the ability to hear tones for incoming messages along with phone calls and music. While I’m not a fan of listening to music while I shoot, others may be into that. I prefer it for the message notifications and phone calls.

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 specifications courtesy of 3M.com

  • 26 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology syncs with mobile devices
  • 3M SMART Technologies
  • Dynamic Suppression Time adapts to firearm and environment for optimized shooting experience
  • Clear Voice Tracking seeks voice within noise for improved speech intelligibility
  • Auto shut-off
  • Intuitive buttons and voice guidance let you operate without removing headset
  • Low-profile cups have cut-outs for use with long guns`
  • Vented, adjustable headband improves comfort when worn with hats
  • Durable recessed microphones designed to reduce wind and fan noise
  • MSRP $130
Split headband for all day comfort

Several small touches set the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 headset further apart from its competitors. A rubberized split headband allows all-day comfort. This split design keeps the top button of your cap centered without putting pressure on it. And the rubber material prevents any slippage while on your head. At the bottom of the ear cups is a small rubber bumper. This feature cushions the contact between the ear cup and the stock or cheek piece of a long range gun. Something I’ve run into in the past. The included foam ear cups are pretty darn good as well. But if you’re looking for additional comfort, 3M offers a gel/foam ear cup as a substitution. Another accessory/upgrade would be the rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack to replace the alkaline batteries.

Take a look at Peltor, the company that the US Military trusts for hearing protection and communication.

Images courtesy of the author