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Never let it be said that the Pennsylvania State Capitol Police doesn’t appreciate quality bullpups, as the agency just announced it was upgrading from the IWI US TAVOR SAR—which it first adopted in 2013—to the TAVOR X95.

“We’re honored that the Pennsylvania State Capitol Police have chosen to stay with an IWI US firearm and have upgraded their rifle to the state-of-the-art X95,” Michael Kassnar, IWI US vice president of sales & marketing, said in a statement. “Just like its predecessor the SAR, the X95 is a reliable platform that is small enough to easily maneuver through urban settings while delivering full size rifle power, but provides the shooter with several upgrades over its precursor.”

The TAVOR X95 platform sports a tri-rail forearm covered by three removable vented rail covers. Meanwhile, the TAVOR cutlass style trigger guard is modular and capable of being converted to a traditional trigger guard with a pistol grip. The trigger has been upgraded and now features a lighter pull weight, the press release says. The charging handle has also been moved closer to the center mass of the user. The most radical departure is the ambidextrous magazine release, which is moved to a traditional AR-15/M16 location on the TAVOR X95. The Tavor X95 also has a six-pound trigger pull.

Part of the Pennsylvania Department of General Services, the Pennsylvania State Capitol Police provide law enforcement, security and parking enforcement to the State Capitol Complex in Harrisburg, Penn., and at state government buildings in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Scranton.

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