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After blowing up a supposed “auto-rated” suppressor with an M16, I went on a trek to find one that would not have an unscheduled and surprising demise. My research found numerous roads leading me to Rugged Suppressors.

I called the company and spoke to Michael Derdziak, one of the two owners, and explained my woeful history with the suppressor that did not live up to its hype. He assured me that Rugged’s centerfire suppressors are up to the task of M16 magazine dumps as they are not just auto rated, but are also belt-fed rated, from up to .300 RUM. As such, they are durable enough to handle sustained fire. Sounds just like what I was seeking!

Rugged Surge Specs

Perfect Partner: The Rugged Surge 7.62 Suppressor

I received a Rugged Surge 7.62 for testing. The Surge has Rugged’s ADAPT Modular Technology, meaning that it is a two-piece suppressor, allowing the user to remove a portion for a shorter and lighter-weight suppressor. In essence, it’s two suppressors in one. This not only makes the Surge adaptable, but you only need one tax stamp. The Surge ships with a 7.62mm front cap and a flash suppressor mount. Both can be interchanged with 5.56mm versions.

The Rugged Surge’s tube and mount are manufactured from 17-4 stainless steel. The baffles—and here is where it gets interesting—are made from Stellite. According to Rugged’s website, “Stellite exhibits unparalleled hardness and toughness as well as an extremely high melting point due to its cobalt and chromium content.” It extends the life of your suppressor by negating the effects of erosion wear when compared to Inconel or stainless steel baffles.”

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