For those seeking the perfect SHTF optic. The Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 is the ideal “Apocalyptic” optical solution.


     -The Razor HD GEN II is a short- to medium-range optic (Close quarters out to  – 600meters)

     -Battery powered 1 MOA Dot (covers 1″ per 100 yards)

     -The red dot on 1 power has a 4” eye relief, 30mm rear lenses, and the optic can be shoot with     both eyes open for close quarter engagements and used in low light settings.

     -Etched reticle allows you to still have a reticle if the battery dies or a “Electro Magnetic Pulse” EMP hits!

     -The JM1 reticle has a preset hold-over setting for engagements out to 600 meters (with the use of a 50 meter ZERO)

     -The 6 power setting can also be used as a spotting scope / monocular

The Razor may be a higher priced optic, but you get what you pay for and the Vortex “VIP Warranty”  is unmatched by any other optic company on the market.

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