The Petzl STRIX IR is a compact, multi mount tactical light designed for military operations. Featuring constant lighting technology, the Strix IR emits red, green, blue, white as well as infrared light. This allows the operator to select the best light spectrum for the mission at hand. Additionally, 3 separate white light modes exist. A tiny white .4 lm LED can be used for stealth. A 15 lm white light is perfect for close-range vision. And a 40 lm light can be used for movement. What sets the Petzl STRIX IR apart from other models is the Infrared Light emitter. 3 IR modes are included for use with night vision equipment. An 8.5 mW mode for close range vision, a 25 mW mode for movement and finally a 15 mW IFF mode for identification.

The history of the French company started back in the early 1930’s when Ferdinand Petzlln (Petzl) discovered the world of caving at the age of 17. In the 1940’s Ferdinand was designing and hand crafting climbing devices and lights to assist in the setting of several world records in cave exploration.   The 1960’s and 70’s saw the mass production of Ferdinand Petzls’ ascenders as well as the expansion into mountaineering gear. More than 40 years later, Petzl continues to lead the way in both mountaineering and lighting technology. Additionally, Petzl is catering to the tactical and law enforcement segment with products such as the Petzl STRIX IR.

The history of Petzl

Adding to the versatility of the Petzl STRIX IR, is a multi mount system. This system allows the war fighter several ways to mount the light. A rail compatible mount can securely fix the light to the rails of a helmet. A separate (not included) helmet mount can be purchased for helmets without rails. In addition, an elastic headband is included for use without a helmet or around the neck. Finally, a metal clip built into the back of the Petzl STRIX IR is MOLLE compatible and can be worn on a plate carrier. This all-in-one light achieves a perfect balance of features and light outputs for the modern soldier.

Petzl STRIX IR | SHOT Show First Look
STRIX IR headband mount

Petzl STRIX IR Specs courtesy of

  • Weight: 100 g
  • Energy: 1 AA/LR6 battery (included)
  • Battery compatibility: lithium battery (burn time doubled)
  • Certification(s): CE
Lighting technology Lighting color Lighting modes Light quantity, distance, burn time Reserve mode
CONSTANT LIGHTING red 1 lm and 3 m for 20 h 0.3 lm for 10 h
green 1.5 lm and 3 m for 17 h
blue 0.35 lm and 2 m for 17 h
white stealth 0.4 lm and 3 m for 65 h 3 lm for 10 h
close-range vision 15 lm and 20 m for 20 h
movement 40 lm and 40 m for 4h30
infrared close-range vision 8.5 mW for 20 h
movement 25 mW for 5h30
IFF 15 mW for 40 h
Petzl STRIX IR | SHOT Show First Look
STRIX IR rail mount

Final thoughts: Aside from the feature packed Petzl STRIX IR, I did find one minor gripe. The battery compartment door is a little quirky. Instead of using a screw type cap with an o-ring similar to a waterproof flashlight. The STRIX IR utilizes a quarter turn cap that is captured by a plastic lanyard. I found it to be awkward as the lanyard attached to the cap actually hinders the ability to turn the cap and secure it. Aside from that, the STRIX IR should warrant consideration from any of our troops headed oversees.