The PHLster ACCESS is a secure, inside-the-waistband holster with muzzle coverage and a 3/4-height ambidextrous body shield. The strut/loop mounting system is ambidextrous and adjustable. It is ideally suited for small-of-the-back, appendix, or kidney carry. It is secure, but easy to move around as conditions change.

Let’s define our terms.

  • Small-of-the-back carry falls along the center line of the body in the back. It is very easy to conceal even a full-size handgun in warm-weather clothes, and you can draw with either hand. However, if you fall on your gun, you can be seriously injured.
  • Appendix carry is performed with the pistol carried forward of the hips, toward the center line of the body. It is great for weapons retention but it can poke some very sensitive anatomy when you sit down.
  • Kidney carry is done by carrying a pistol behind the hip. There is less control, but it is a good combination of concealment and protection.

PHLster’s Jon Hauptman is a big fan of appendix carry. He says that once you have some solid training and get used to appendix carry, it is very comfortable, quick to access, easy to retain, and provides great concealment.

If you have a Glock, the 9mm/.40 ACCESS configuration will fit everything from the G26/27 through the G34/35. Glock 45/10mm selection will fit the Glock 30S. The M&P models fit everything except the Shield.

The holster’s ambidextrous body shield improves indexing while reholstering. The extended muzzle coverage helps reduce heat discomfort during training—when reholstering after firing. I have been training and carrying mine for a while now. Since I live in the tropics, this thing sits right on my skin. A little trick: I put 50 cents worth of self-adhesive moleskin on the side in contact with my body. This makes it feel better if you go commando and are carrying for an extended period. If it gets dirty, peel it off and put on more.

While optimized for appendix carry, the ACCESS can be worn in whatever position is comfortable for you. No need to select right- or left-handed, since you can configure the strut/loop for ride height and hand-dominance. The strut bolts on and uses a spacer which is interchangeable between right and left. Once you’ve adjusted the holster to your specific preference, you should use thread-locker on your hardware. The loop has a lift-the-dot fastener which will not unsnap accidentally.

PHLster is a small shop. Everything they sell is made to order—nothing is in stock. ACCESS holsters are handmade and subject to a four to six-week wait, but at just $59, they are selling a lot of them. They’re well worth the wait.