When I first saw the Paradive MKII Gen 3, to be honest, I didn’t think much of it. It was clean no doubt, but it failed to show any type of sophistication that I frequently see. So when I started seeing some of my close friends sporting the piece, I hopped on the web and headed to their website which only raised more questions as to why Bill Yao created this piece. I had no clue this was an interpretation replica watch made after the Benrus Type 1 that was issued to Maritime Special Forces and CIA personnel from the 60’s into the 80’s. Being not only a watch nerd but also an Army veteran, I dived deep into the story of the Benrus and its heritage. Little of the originals are around today and the ones that are show pretty serious wear given the badass men that wore them. You can check out the history of the Benrus here.

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