The time came for me to look for another option outside of the standard Apple earbuds. One of my close friends was the co-founder of LifeProof phone cases and is more pretentious about his audio than anyone I knew. So when we sat down for lunch and I asked him what model he was using, he very quickly told me he was using Bowers and Wilkins. Now, this caught me off guard because up until that point I had never heard of B&W.

In 1966, when people were just really starting to give a shit about sound quality, John Bowers and his lifelong friend Peter Hayward founded a manufacturing company originally called B&W on the South coast of England. John served in World War Two as a special operations executive in clandestine radio contact for the allies. Between this specialty and his love for classical music, Bowers and Wilkins became his lifelong passion.

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