Cue the song Lowrider by War… and Mathew McConaughey’s voice

“Say man, you got a tomahawk?”…”Uhh no not on me, man”…”Well, it’d be a lot cooler if you diddddd”.

Tomahawks man, tomahawks… What is cooler than a tomahawk? Nothing. I don’t even want to hear about how cool your airsoft 50 cal is. I don’t want to hear how good your mom cooks while you’re sitting in the basement reading this and waiting for her to call you up for dinner. I want to hear about tomahawks, man. Half Face Blades is primitive and gets back to the roots of the native times. They say never take a knife into a gunfight… Well, I brought a tomahawk.

Photo of the Day: Half Face Blades Tomahawk

The tomahawk was created by Native American’s back in the day as a bushcraft tool and as a tool of war. The Tomahawk in recent times has been criticized because of “tomahawk kills” because liberals and officials think its “inhumane”. My opinion? A tomahawk was made for war. It was made to cause chaos and that to me is glorious. If a foreign country can drag our mutilated bodies through their streets, what’s wrong with causing chaos with a tomahawk? My opinion? Nothing.

Half Face Blades makes some pretty badass blades and I can tell you, mine is sitting on a stand next to my bed, on a mantle I built. It only leaves that mantle for work trips. The tomahawk means a lot to me and that’s why I chose a Half Face Blades over a Winkler. Nothing against Winkler, but I just prefer Half Face Blades and will continue to prefer Half Face Blades. Andy over at HFB is always making a badass product that looks like it’s straight from Native times. I have an interview set up with him in the next few weeks and I will get his insight into his vision behind the Half Face Blades brand.