Experience and failures have made me always keep my bag close by. When getting into a taxi or Uber I always have my backpack with me, between my legs. Usually, I tie one of the drawstrings from my Pocket Candy La Manga-Tenegui’ to the bag and the other end to my belt as an added level of retention. If you have ever had the life experience of having to ditch a vehicle or place you will realize the true power of the dummy cord. Usually, I keep this retention tether at about arm’s length. I live out of a suitcase and my backpack for most of the year, so I put a lot of effort in keeping it with me.

A few other things you can see on it are some glow markers on the pull tab to access my extra magazines and the red tab is my CJP Custom Concealment medical panel. Everything on hand and with low light options attached to it. Vertx EDC Gamut backpack still holding strong.


*Courtesy of Ed’s Manifesto