Two well thought out items from Madator that came in handy were the FlatPak Toiletry Bottle and Soap Bar Case. Both extremely lightweight and fold flat. The Toiletry Bottle is a welded Cordura bottle that can hold 3 ounces of any liquid soap or shampoo. A screw top lid makes loading it easy. And the flip top dispenser keeps things neat and tidy when you squeeze out the contents. Additionally, a handy snap loop allows the user to attach or hang the Toiletry Bottle for ease of use. Snapping it to our Road Shower kept it where we needed it while Overland Camping.

Matador offers a full line of well thought out travel accessories on their website. They do a great job of simplifying the often chaotic travel packing experience. And I’m all for anything to make life on the road simpler and less cumbersome. Time to follow the Matador mantra and “Put Yourself Out There”.

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