Winter storm after winter storm has rocked the Midwest this season. Businesses closed, widespread power outages and lengthy school closings. It’s all doom and gloom, right? Not if you have the means to get outside and enjoy all this snow. Unfortunately, Michigan isn’t known for its mountains so skiing is a bit of a bust. But with miles of trails and endless forest to explore, all you need is a good pair of snowshoes to float atop all this white stuff. Mountain Safety Research out of Seattle, Washington recently sent me a pair of their Lightning Explore Snowshoes to test. Built on their 360 degree traction frame featuring edge-to-edge grip, these lightweight shoes have gnarly bite on the steep or crusty snow. Measuring 25″ long, they aren’t terribly big or bulky. But with the addition of the Modular Flotation tails, I have an additional 5″ that I can add when conditions require more float. Finally, the new HyperLink bindings feature a redesigned ratchet system for rapid entry and exit.

Now it’s time for me to get out there and test them. So stay tuned to the Loadout Room for an upcoming in-depth review.

Lightning Explore
Busting through the woods behind my house for a quick test drive