Not a true Roland because it has an ARC compensator and TLR-1 instead of the original KKM and X300, but there’s something about the way the comp and light match up that I like. Had my TF 300 warrior brother do a cerakote job for me on it. Still a work in progress. I got further plans for it.

I learned a lot about compensators and red dots on pistols with this build. Comps will make an uber-reliable Glock ammo picky. But the more powder you feed them, the more they work. Being able to sling 124gr +P hollowpoints like its regular loaded 115gr is pretty awesome. There’s definitely a learning curve on red dots. I wouldn’t put one on a handgun until you’re trained enough to present the weapon with iron sights aligned most of the time and your muzzle control is solid. But, red dots make moving and shooting and distance shots much easier.

If you’re a shooter with a good skill base and want to see how you fare with some different equipment, seriously consider building a Roland Special. It’s quite an interesting weapon system.

Author – Seth joined the Army in 2006 and went to Iraq a couple times doing LRRP work for the 82nd Airborne. After that, he played the Private Military Contractor game for a while until he decided to pursue a degree in economics. He now works as a data analyst and firearms instructor.