This is my first duffel style bag, and I never really knew if it was a style I would enjoy. But as soon as I started packing it full of my clothes, I found it incredibly useful. You’re no longer constrained by having to pack your least essential items in the bottom with the more important up top for easy access. Now it’s easier than ever to get something at the bottom of the bag without having things fall out the top and possibly ruin your impeccable packing job. The duffel feature for me was even more important because I kept my toiletry bag and clothes towards the bottom and I added my Nikon DSLR with two lenses at the top to protect them when I put the bag down. I was amazed at how much stuff I could pack into the main compartment, even with a pair of Vans in the shoe compartment. I ended up fitting my toiletry bag, jacket, four days worth of clothes, a full-size DSLR body and two lenses without having to sit on the bag to get the zipper done.

Our full review of the Aer Duffel Pack 2