Pictured Above: Running a RHIB “wide open” in formation off the East Coast practicing launch and recovery from the “mothership” as well as chasing, evading and practicing small boat tactics for maneuvering against ships.

Running a RHIB wide open

RHIB’s are some of the greatest vessels to drive and honestly getting to ride/drive them every day was a blast. This photo was taken off of the East Coast after we launched from one of the “Mothership’s”. Driving a RHIB in east coast chop was honestly some of the hardest driving I’ve ever had to learn. I mean you name it – bike’s, sedans, SUV’s, truck’s, jeeps, mini bikes, jetskis; I can drive them all. But a 33m RHIB with 4-5 guys onboard hauling ass (40-60 knots) over 4-5 ft waves with close intervals between waves? It’s hard getting used to and you can definitely tell the great drivers from the mediocre drivers. I’ll be honest, I was a mediocre driver on my best day. Coming from the west coast, I’m used to long intervals between waves so driving is a bit easier for me on the west coast. The big problems I had on the east coast was finding that “groove” between speed and safety as having a rider fly out of your boat when you’re going after a ship is no Bueno. I had plenty of guys that can really drive help me out and I still was never able to find the groove after 8 months. Maybe I’ll find the groove another day, or then again maybe not haha.

Some of the gear that was always with me on the water