I ran into a jeweler while in Los Angeles the other day and struck up a conversation. He told me that at one point he was contemplating on ridding his entire inventory of everything except for watches because of the substantial profits they were yielding for him. It turned out to be a blessing that he didn’t as the lucrative business he once envisioned turned out to be anything but. He claimed millennials just don’t care to own mechanical timepieces like previous generations. That may be true, and some reasons for lower sales are indubitably due to the onset of smartphones, online shopping, and smartwatches.

With that being said, mechanical watches belong in every respected wardrobe. Dennis Powell of Forbes Magazine explained it best when he wrote, “mechanical watches have soul, have workmanship, [and] have intrinsic value that cannot be found in quartz timepieces.” There is a myriad of watch brands out there, but like many other enthusiasts, I find myself fond of Seiko. The Seiko SKX007 in particular (pictured above) is currently my everyday watch. There is nothing spectacular, grandiose, or luxurious about it, but as an entry-level diver’s watch, there is much that can be said about it as well as Seiko’s legacy which warrants a more in-depth review.

Loadout Room loyals, what watch do you wear?