I have always been drawn to the design of the dagger mostly due to the symbolism with regards to Special Operations units. While on the floor at SHOT Show 2019, we stopped by one of our favorite vendors, Gerber Gear. Although they have several new products hitting the shelves, their folding dagger and fixed blade dagger continue to catch my eye.

Photo of the day: Symbolism of the dagger and special operations

The dagger is symbolically ambiguous. Daggers are commonly used as part of the insignias of elite military units or special forces, such as the US Army Airborne Special Operations unit or the Commando Dagger patch for those who have completed the British All Arms Commando Course. Daggers may be associated with deception, stealth, and/or treachery due to the ease of concealment and surprise that someone could inflict with one on an unsuspecting victim, and indeed many assassinations have been carried out with the use of a dagger, including that of Julius Caesar. A cloak and dagger attack is one in which a deceitful, traitorous, or concealed enemy attacks a person. On the other hand, for some cultures and military organizations, the dagger symbolizes courage and daring in combat. – Wikipedia

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