The tour of the various processes was coming to a close so we were invited to the obligatory tasting (My favorite part). But what I didn’t know was just how awesome of a bar they have. Carved into the pre-existing stone, we were told to follow the dim lights leading into a cool and humid cave that wrapped around into an open room. Rock pillars were left around the cave system, holding up the seemingly untouched dirt ceiling. It took a few moments to let my eyes adjust, and when they did I was amazed at just how incredible this cave was. Large enough for a good party, with rooms and dark hallways leading into the unknown I could see how wild it could get with a bunch of bartenders and endless tequila. Even the occasional bat would flap its wings furiously as if annoyed with our presence taking off to find a more secluded location. We ponied up to the bar and the corks started coming off. Our host Kobe, the first certified Tequila Master from Belgium, and now a dedicated employee to Fortaleza, started to discuss the various traits in each of their four different types of tequila. A bright neon sign behind him reminding everyone of one cardinal rule -Water Up.

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