Sharp things are fun. Let’s face it, nothing is more badass than taking a sexy knife or tomahawk into a gunfight, even though that’s rule number one. I’ll be honest with you, Helle knives are now my favorite. I have tried to dull this thing out with continuous use and I just can’t get that edge out. I mean Wabakimi is a sexy name too. What’s better than having a knife made by the true experts of all things sharp – the Scandinavians.

My other tool of the trade, the tomahawk pictured above is made by badass knife/hatchet makers Half Face Blades. It is easily the most durable, dependable and comfortable tomahawk I’ve ever held in my hands. It’s perfect for breaching and bushcraft. If you haven’t heard of either of these companies, do yourself a favor and check them out. I will have reviews on both of these sharp objects coming in the next couple weeks. What are your sharp tools of the trade?