During our short stay in NYC for the Hurricane Group end of year strategy meetings, the editor-in-chief of Hurricane Group and myself decided to visit the Bremont Watches Boutique in the city. After all, we’re both watch snobs, so it only made sense. Upon walking into the store, you’re immediately made aware that you’ve just stepped into a luxury watch store. Everything from the well-dressed gentleman working the store to the extremely unique timepieces.

Towards the back of the store, you’re greeted with the feel of being inside a high-end man cave. Two leather chairs, a center table with some unique books to stir conversation and glass cases unique, manly products that only the best of the best would be wearing. One of those watches in the glass case was priced at $22,000! Pour me a glass of whiskey and I’d be right at home all day inside the Bremont Watches Boutique in NYC. The gentleman working, Zak, was very knowledgeable across all the different lines of timepieces and was very friendly too.

Photo of the day: Visiting the Bremont Watches Store in NYC

If you’re a watch guy and find yourself in NYC, then you need to take the time and visit the Bremont Watches Boutique. It’s worth the time to learn the history behind the company as well as the individual watch designs. I’ll be back!

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