Congratulations “Fumble Fingers” you just dropped your magazine on the ground and bet your life on the way you reloaded your gun in an encounter with a bad guy or gal. Or, now the mag you let hit the dirt is all gritty and dirty and not functional. Or, you thought you had 10 rounds left in your mag, but there were only 8 in that partially-spent mag. Or, you used one of your non-reliable mags instead of your #1 top-quality feeding mag. Hope you did not take undue risks on a haphazard reloading method, did not execute the reload improperly, or failed to plan ahead. Certainly, it is important to reload your handgun using the best method for getting your gun recharged with fresh rounds in your gun and do it quickly. I have met some in class that have never thought about the need to plan for reloading their gun at all nor what the best method is to do it in different situations. For simplicity, I want to focus here on only semi-automatic pistol reloads. I want to present the 4 major pistol reloads, 7 mag tips, and other ideas to help.

Some strongly prefer one reload method over others and some will definitely not do any reload that involves manipulating two mags in one hand at the same time. The type of gun you are using, the capacity of the particular mag, your motor skills and dexterity, training, and the situational factors affect your choice of reload method, the steps used, and how efficiently and safely you can accomplish it. Everybody seems to have an opinion on which is the best method, the exact steps to follow, and how to properly do the reload. Some say that there are really only 2 practical methods to even consider and other methods are not helpful. Some say avoid the Tactical Reload at all costs. Some solely train for the Tactical Reload. For example, should your spent mag be released to the ground or not?


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