It has long been joked that the US military is fueled by caffeine and misanthropy.  While not exactly the whole truth, there is no denying that if you’re reading this article on this website, you’re probably in the category of “massive caffeine consumer”.  The fact is, the vast majority of Veterans, Law Enforcement and sportsmen enjoy their cup of morning stimulants.  Planetary Design is bringing us their Double Shot coffee mug with a built-in french press, angling to provide us with a better way to drink a cuppa’ joe while on the go.

The Double Shot is constructed from double-walled, restaurant-grade stainless steel.  The walls are vacuum-sealed to provide excellent insulation, keeping your drink at the right temperature.  The plunger uses BPA-free plastic and a stainless mesh filter.  The mesh is fine, designed for “french press” ground coffee, which is a little more coarse than standard drip coffee grind.  The lid rotates to cover the drinking hole and vent hole.  It is definitely leak resistant, though not completely leak-proof.  Capacity is listed at 14 fl oz.  A spare non-press lid is provided as well.

Planetary Design Double Shot Coffee Mug And French Press

The Double Shot is named such because of the secret compartment in the bottom, which holds an extra stash of coffee grounds, tea, hot cocoa or a shot of whiskey to spice up your java.  If you’re on the road and don’t want to buy weak and/or burned gas station coffee, use the hidden cache of caffeine and go grab some hot water from in the shop.  Likewise, if you’re in the field,  heating up some water and brewing your morning pick-me-up in the same mug you’re going to drink it in saves equipment, space, complexity and time.

If you’ve used a french press before, the Double Shot will be instantly familiar.  If you haven’t, using it couldn’t be easier.  Open your cup, toss in some coffee grounds.  Add “nearly” boiling water, stir and place the lid/press back on (but don’t push down the plunger yet).  Wait about four minutes and then depress the plunger.  Once the bean juice is down below “face melting” temperature, enjoy.

“Secret” storage

In theory, the Double Shot looks good: insulated mug, built-in french press, secret compartment for spy documents…  That reads like a wish list for James Bond’s to-go cup.  In practice, making coffee in the Double Shot is just as easy as it should be.  Improve the quality of coffee you’re drinking.  Reduce the amount of equipment you need to make said coffee.  Also, french press coffee tastes superior to standard coffee-pot quality joe.  Make it, keep it hot, make some more.  All in one package.  Planetary Designs is selling the Double Shot for $25.49, a good price for a do-it-all product.  Check it out!