The idea of shoving 10+1 rounds into a gun that has the approximate dimensions of a single stack seems like it’d be revolutionary. We all want easy to carry weapons, but we also all want lots and lots of ammo. The SIG P365 intends to provide with both an easy to carry gun and a fair amount of ammo. Has it been successful so far? Well, I have one and decided to find out.

Teething Issues

The first SIG P365’s had a few teething issues. Many were related to the gun failing to go fully into battery, as well as off center and light primer strikes. There was also early wear issues on the barrel and slide on the first guns out of the gate. SIG has reportedly addressed all these issues with the SIG P365, and I was anxious to get my hands on one of the newer models. I also wanted to take my time, to carry and shoot this gun a whole lot before issuing my review. I’m currently at 500 rounds of various brands of ammunition through the SIG.


Let’s get this out of the way quickly. The SIG P365 is a small gun. The Specs as taken from SIG’s website are as follows.

Barrel Length – 3.1 inches
Overall Length – 5.8 inches
Overall Width – 1.0 inches
Height – 4.3 inches
Weight – 17.8 ounces
Magazine Capacity – 10+1 (12+1 Also available)
MSRP $599.99

As you can see the gun is quite small. In hand it really is remarkable they could squeeze ten rounds in this little guy.


Impressive. That’s what I thought since I handled it at SHOT Show 2018. It feels great in hand, and the grip is well designed. The grip features a small swell that’s quite comfortable as well as a high undercut on the trigger guard. This allows me to get my full hand on the gun when I use the magazine with the pinky extension. I can’t stand a hanging pinky.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. My thumbs sit right over the slide lock with a thumbs forward grip so the lock never actually works when the gun runs dry. The magazines also didn’t drop free for me and would get stuck against my firing hand. This required me to rip them out to make room for the next mag or to loosen my firing grip significantly.

It’s still a small gun and still has those small gun problems.

Hot Range

Impressed is another term I’d use to document my time on the range. The full grip I achieve with this gun really allows me to control it more so than most small firearms. Accurate double taps and rapid fire, in general, is readily achievable with the SIG P365.

I love the day/night sights SIG tossed on these. The high visibility green ring and respectably sized dot really make this an impressive sighting system. It’s effortless and quick to acquire when I want to put lead on target fast. It’s easy to see and focus on when I want to take my time and make tiny groups or hit targets at a longer than average distance. The rear sights feature two tritium vials for night shooting but are effectively blacked out during the day.

The trigger is impressive as well. The pull has a little pre-travel, some build, then a crisp break. The reset feels and sounds good. It’s a really decent trigger that comes in third placed in striker fired triggers behind the Walther PPQ and P99.

Regarding long range, the gun is a solid performer out to 35 yards in my hands. Out to 50 yards and I start missing more than I’d like with a steel popper, but I’m still hitting more than 50% of the time.

Reliability wise I’ve yet to run into an issue throughout my 500 rounds of various ammo, including SIG’s own P365 line. The gun works, the mags work, and the gun just keeps on kicking.

What About the Problems?

There have been a few issues with the first P365s out of the factory. This is well documented and should be addressed. The SIG P365 I received by SIG is a newer model and has been updated to essentially what is a Gen 2 model. The problems with previous models included off center and light primer strikes, and some failure to go fully into battery. Are these acceptable? No, it really isn’t, but it does seem that SIG has solved these problems so far. I plan to hold onto this gun a little longer and put some lead downrange and get a lot of dry fire practice with it.

If I find any issues, you guys will be the first to know.