Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) has a history of innovation.  The is their latest triumph is the ReVolt bolt action rifle.  Based on the AR-15 in .223 and .308. This may seem like a step backward, but in Constitution-defying, freedom-deficient areas, it lets you have an AR-15-style rifle where it might otherwise be illegal to own or hunt with one. As POF states, “Legal in all 13 colonies—even where the Tories live!”

The lower has all the quality features you expect in a premium rifle: POF Enhanced Finger Placement (EFP) trigger, a lightweight Luth-AR MBA-1 stock, and a Magpul MOE pistol grip. No upgrades are necessary; fully ambidextrous controls and anti-rotational trigger pins already installed.

The lowers are standard AR lowers, but the front pivot pin is replaced with a capture pin, allowing the upper and lower to open up, but not be taken apart—this avoids imperial entanglements.

The upper is what makes this rifle special. The charging handle has been replaced with an ambidextrous straight-pull bolt. The ReVolt rifle system has a short, quick bolt throw and POF’s new E2 Extraction technology.

When a round is fired, the neck of the cartridge case expands, squeezing against the chamber wall. Add a little carbon, and you can have a case stuck hard enough to break an extractor. POF-patented E² Extraction Technology allows a small amount of gas to travel back through four channels along the neck of the chamber. The gas pushes against the shoulder of the case, pushing it away from the chamber walls and out of the chamber.

This causes the case to practically throw itself out of the rifle. POF claims that your extractor will last up to five times longer than it would in a standard chamber. Add to this the ReVolt straight bolt and the recoil spring’s push, and you have a very slick action. This is exactly what I look for in a rifle: easy and fast.

Like all of POF’s new rifles, the ReVolt has the M-rail handguard. The 14.5-inch M-rail has rails over the receiver to mount optics, but the hand guards are clean. This gives you space for a scope with a large objective tube, or you can put a rail section on top of the forend if you need one.

The ReVolt comes with one medium-length 12-slot and two smaller 5-slot interchangeable rail sections. These rail sections (and as many others as you want to get from POF) can be placed on the top, left, right, or bottom flats on the foregrip.

Rail sections can be placed together to provide a continuous Picatinny rail if needed.  POF has a new quick-disconnect sling mount that attaches directly to the M-rail without the rail section. Put what you need exactly where you want it and eliminate the weight and aggravation of sharp, unneeded rail.


The bolt-action handle on the ReVolt models can be used as a tool for tightening and removing scope mounts and rail accessories. The ReVolt Light .223 complete bolt-action upper is available as a separate purchase. It includes a 10-round magazine and capture pin. This capture pin replaces the front pivot pin, permanently attaching the upper receiver to the lower receiver while maintaining the ability to ‘shotgun’ the rifle for maintenance.

You can hunt with the ReVolt as a standalone weapon system or install the complete top end on your already existing mil-spec (.223 cal./5.56mm) lower half to maintain the legality necessary for owning an AR-style rifle in un-gun-friendly states.

I took the ReVolt to the range over several weekends. I set it up with a Burris AR-536 and a Harris bipod. After barrel break-in, the ReVolt held one MOA (one-inch group at 100 yards) all day long using Blackhills 77-grain ammo. The action is unlike a conventional bolt action. It pulls straight back and the recoil spring assists the return.

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Shooting in the prone is a joy. The handle is on both sides, so you can operate it with either hand. Lefties know that using your weak hand on the bolt can be faster than the strong hand.

It has the simplicity of a pump shotgun but with rifle-caliber ballistics and a 30-round magazine. It didn’t have a jam or misfeed of any kind in over 500 rounds.

After 200 rounds, I took it apart out of sheer curiosity. It was very clean and I merely wiped it off and applied a little more CLP. I don’t know how many rounds you would have to fire to get it dirty, but it is many more than you can carry.

The ReVolt gives the AR shooter options where laws or hunting regulations restrict the type of rifle they can own. I applaud POF for giving brave Americans in gun-hating states quality, legal options.

To find a POF dealer and get your ReVolt rifle, go here.