Since the day I entered a line of work that required carrying a gun on a daily basis, I have struggled with clothing options. Not too long ago, I asked female followers on my Instagram about their own personal struggles with tactical/carry clothing for women. Based on the response, I’m not the only one who’s had a difficult time. The complaints were varied, but familiar. “Nothing fits right,” “Nothing is modern and stylish,” “I want more comfort,” just to name a few. For a long time, it’s seemed like the only tactical clothing options for women have basically been men’s styles, sized down. Within the past year, I’ve begun to see a shift. Fortunately, more companies are starting to show awareness of the needs of their female customers (5.11 Tactical and Alexo Athletica are a couple that immediately comes to mind.)

I’ve recently bought a few new pairs of tactical/carry pants for women, and I’m testing them in the field. In the meantime, I’m going to review one of my OG’s that have gotten me through the years of poorly fitting, boxy options.

Enter the Prana Halle

Prana Halle Pants: Technical performance pants for women

The Prana Halle pant is not a tactical pant, nor is it marketed as such. It’s technically an outdoor pant, but I have open and conceal carried with it since I bought my first pair in 2016.

The first thing that I fell in love with was the fit of the legs. They’re a boot cut, but unlike the massive legs of the tactical pants I tried on, they’re slim. I’m built small and I don’t want to look like I am wearing parachute pants. The Halle’s keep my body looking proportionate. They fit my waist comfortably and actually have an interior drawstring, for a little more play. Particularly useful if you’re going to carry concealed, and want to control the fit while still leaving room for a holster. I’m also a fan of the mid-rise (too high starts to become uncomfortable for CCW).

The material is a comfortable, medium weight nylon/spandex blend with a water repellent finish(and I have worn them during standoffs outside a fugitive’s house in the pouring rain.) I regularly wear the pair that I bought in 2016. I have beat them up and they’re still going strong.

The front pockets are a reasonable size, and I sometimes use the small “hidden” zip pocket on the right thigh for cash or a card that I don’t want to risk losing in an open pocket. The roll-up leg feature is not one that I use often, but might be useful to others.

My only real complaint involves form over function: the back pockets are snap close. I keep my phone in my back pocket exclusively, and it’s too large to use the snap closure, so the flap stays up and, just being honest, it makes for an unattractive profile! That may seem silly to mention, but I’m a woman and I know women. These kinds of details do matter!

All in all, the Prana Halle pants are a great option, and I’d buy them again today. They’re available in sizes 00-18, Short/Reg/Tall inseam, and seven colors. I’m 5’4”, 110lbs, and wear a 0 Short.

Alex Haynes is a licensed private investigator and bail recovery agent. With her partner Jon, she owns Fenrir Recovery, a full-time bail recovery business in Atlanta, Georgia. 4 years of experience in investigations and field work have given her the opportunity to test a variety of tactical and EDC gear. Her goal is to find the most effective solutions for women, whether they’re prepared citizens, or working in a tactical field. You can find her on Instagram as @w.asp.






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