I am frequently asked which holster I prefer. I will preface the answer with it depends on your task threat and environment, but my go-to is the Ultra Carry Elite by Precision Holsters for the following reasons:

  • Functionality: Excellent mechanics on the draw, excellent retention, etc.
  • Comfort: Leather backing makes it comfortable and it is a great size/width.
  • Concealabilty: A great IWB option as it is also tuckable, if necessary, as shown with a GLOCK 19.
  • Quality: Well built and great materials.


note: an actual draw would be much more violent and effective versus this one trying to video it, black clips hide even better with a black belt, #IPAK also visible at 6 o’clock.

Author – Joseph M. LaSorsa, CPP® currently employed as a senior partner managing and conducting: Protective Operations Training Courses, Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services, Risk Management Consultations & Seminars, Workplace Violence Prevention Seminars & Intervention Services, Security Consultations & Seminars, Private Investigations and Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures with LaSorsa & Associates – an International Protection, Investigations & Consulting Firm.