I’ve seen some pretty talented shooters making the same basic mistakes at the range. Over and over again, I see (and have fallen victim to) brain farts that should elude all but the most basic shooter. Screws that weren’t properly torqued coming loose in scope rings, spending far too long (and too many rounds) trying to zero, or just failing to have adequately prepared for the range day.

Former Ranger sniper team leader, owner of RocketFFL.com, MaydaySafety.com and best-selling author of “Long Range Shooting Handbook” Ryan Cleckner is renowned for his ability to impart complex shooting knowledge in easily digestible chunks. His youtube videos produced with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) are extremely informative and offer a number of insights and shooting hacks. In the below video, Ryan walks us through a live range session while zeroing a precision rifle. Simple topic, lots of expensive wisdom being sent your way. Long video, worth the watch.

Rex Nanorum