Today is already February 1st – which means it’s the first day of Knife Maintenance Month! Whether you’re a motorcyclist, boater, camper, or mountain biker, it’s about the time of the season that winter starts to wear out its welcome. February presents the perfect opportunity to prepare to be prepared and get your blades ready for the spring. Spend a bit of time working on the tools you depend on most this month and come March, they’ll be working at their best for you.

Starting tomorrow, KnifeNews will be kicking off a month long knife maintenance series. Throughout February we’ll be covering the finer points of cleaning, tuning, lubricating, storing, and sharpening your knives.

Both fixed blades and folders need periodic maintenance to remain reliable, safe, and effective. When you look after your blades they’ll stay in circulation longer, so proper care can even save you money.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News