Firearms have a narrow bandwidth of problems for which they are the best, or only solution.

Most people work in places where at least policy, if not law, dictates that weapons are not allowed.

Our willingness to abide such policies should follow a fairly personal assessment of risk tolerance.

In certain cases it may be worth the elevated risk of losing a job despite the relatively low probability of needing to defend oneself.

In other cases, perhaps risking a career that follows years of education and training is too much for someone that may ultimately wind up needing a gun to save their life.

Factors such as privacy, area access, and the ability to truly conceal an object play a role as well.

It can be a tough call.

In any case, being better prepared to defend oneself in the absence of a firearm is prudent. If we find ourselves “feeling naked” without the gun, then we are likely out of balance in our efforts.

Article and photo courtesy of Resilience Development