Tip #1 – When staying in a slightly shady country, try to get a spot closest to the U.S. Embassy. As soon as you arrive, write down the address and phone number to the place you stay and the U.S. Embassy. Then, from your location, walk to the embassy and only write down the turns (Ex- 1st R, 3L, 3R, 2R). During that time, look for any good locations to hide, conceal yourself or otherwise evade pursuit along that route.

Tip #2 – While traveling in a country with severe knife/gun regulations (assuming you stay in a hotel or furnished place) don’t be afraid to grab a steak knife and carry it on your person. Whether you order room service or snag it from your Air BnB.

Editors note: Why are these traveling tips important to remember and utilize? Take a look at the trailer for No Escape. You never know when something like this could happen. It doesn’t take much in a volatile region to spark a riot, coup or even a revolution. Be prepared and know your options and avenues of escape.

Photo courtesy of DVIDS