I’ve been a long time owner and user of Princeton Tec Headlamps. They are affordable yet at the same time very robust. I’ve used a Princeton Tec EOS for several years now and it’s still going strong. We also have a review of the Princeton Tec QUAD Tactical Headlamp. Again that one has served our writer and active duty SERE instructor well. I’ve been seeing a growing trend of military operators using Princeton Tec headlamps for a few reasons; they are affordable, durable and made in the USA.

I was recently sent the Princeton Tec SYNC to take a look at and review for you guys. Out of the box the first difference I noticed with this headlamp over prior ones is the switch operations. Almost every headlamp I’ve used in the past is push-button activated. The SYNC uses a large knob on the side to cycle through the different lighting modes.

Princeton Tec SYNC Headlamp
Switch operation for dialing in the different modes.

Specifications courtesy of Princeton Tec:

  • Power – 150 Lumens
  • Lamp – Dual Beam, Spot, High Flood, Low Flood and Red
  • Burn Time – 150 Hours
  • Weight – 83 Grams
  • Power Source – 3 AAA batteries
Princeton Tec SYNC Headlamp
3 AAA batteries provide 150 lumens of light

Here is what a former Marine who deployed to Iraq has to say about the Princeton Tec SYNC Headlamp:

As a former U.S. Marine (0341) with two deployments to Iraq during my tour of duty, I’ve owned and used a lot of headlamps. This one is the best that I’ve come across. It’s very well-engineered. The mechanism for turning it on is well thought out, and is escalates in terms of brightness. The first setting is the red light that will preserve as much of your night vision as possible. It goes up from there, through specular settings, then diffuse, and finally to a combination of the two. The headlamp is bright, the battery lasts as long as can be expected due to the LEDs, and the strap fits well. I recommend this product to any outdoor enthusiasts in addition to men and women serving in the military.” – Kevin R.

Like I said in the video, the Princeton Tec SYNC Headlamp is going to be one of the offerings in our Pro Crate Level box coming up. For more information about our Crate Clubs and how to sign up, visit our Crate Club website.

Bottom Line: I would not hesitate to recommend this headlamp or others from Princeton Tec. They have served me well for several years and have been in use by our guys downrange keeping us safe. The fact that these are made in the USA is a huge selling point for me as well. Anytime I see the American Flag on a product that means something to me. I’m also not worried about any warranties with Princeton Tec headlamps based on the performance I’ve seen first hand. The product works when it needs to and that’s the bottom line when your life is on the line. It either works or it doesn’t (warranties don’t mean shit in those situations). I plan on using the Princeton Tec SYNC outside in the Northeastern Ohio weather and will follow-up with how it performed.