People have asked me from time to time, what type of pocket knife I prefer to carry.  That is a loaded question, because I don’t think that there is “one” knife that I would choose as the only one.  If you have the option of carrying more than one knife for whatever you are doing, you should.

I use a utility knife for cutting and minor problems that come up when I am at work..  When I say utility knife, I am not talking about a stinking razor knife or box cutter knife.  What I am referring to is a regular blade folding pocket knife that has a thick high quality metal blade with a utility edge.

If I am out in the yard, or doing something outside with my family or just my wife, I would probably carry a combination regular/serrated folding pocket knife.  There are several reasons behind this thinking.  The regular blade is great for protection from people or animals, skinning animals, fish, small diameter cord, etc.  The serrated edge is great cutting heavier materials such as seatbelts, fabric or rope.  Serrated is also good for using in the woods if your need to cut a branch or very small tree as well as skinning the bark off of it.

The Pro-Tech TR-3 x2 is one of those multi-purpose knives.  The TR-3 X2 Fish Scale Automatic Knife is my pick of the year.  I love how light it is, the incredibly quick action of the automatic opening system and how secure it feels in my hand from the fish scale grip.  The one thing that you have to remember is an automatic opening knife is under constant tension. When you close this knife, you have to make sure it clicks and locks closed.  If you do not and release the blade, it could redeploy to the open position.  Always be familiar with the operation of your equipment…Period.

The retention clip provides a secure means of clipping to a pocket, backpack strap or internal pack pocket.

Pro-Tech TR3 Tactical Response Auto Knife

The button the activates automatic deployment and extension of the blade is easy to use and responsive.  A must have a knife for your kit.

Pro-Tech only warranties their knife to the original owner for defects in material and craftsmanship.  Replacement parts and labor are the only things that are covered under this warranty.  If the knife is not used under normal conditions and is miss used, the warranty is void.

The cost of this knife is a direct reflection to the quality and what Pro-Tech stands for as an American made knife.  David Wattenberg is the President of Pro-Tech.  He first started building these knives out of his kitchen in the late 90’s.  Is requests for his knives increased he put together a shop and team of highly experienced and meticulous knife smiths.  Each knife is assembled in his shop in the United States and receives the highest level of scrutiny possible.  Below is a video with more explanation.

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Check these out, it will be worth the time and money. Available for purchase at Blade HQ for $154.95.