(Article originally published on Spotter Up by Jay Amra)

Out of the box the weapon looks quite impressive. The first thing I noticed was the 15 inch Keymond hand guard. This gives the Patriot an aggressive look that’s sure to appeal to most shooters.

The hand guard houses the standard 16″ barrel afforded to civilian enthusiasts, leaving the Birdcage flash hider all that is exposed of the barrel itself. Working towards the back of the rifle, it features a Phoenix Technologies 6 position collapsible butt stock, the same variant of butt stock common to most of the entry-level AR’s you’ll find today. It also comes optic ready, providing plenty of room to mount your choice in optic, from red dots to longer range variants.


As promised on the Anderson Arms website, they are “the Worlds only no lube rifle.” So I put this to the test with 300 rounds of .223 and 5.56 mix, straight out of the box.

I mounted the Vortex Strikefire 2 red dot optic. The first 10 rounds were spent getting the zero dialed in which was a simple task. The Patriot proved to be a capable weapon immediately, despite the reduced recoil associated with smaller calibers, the Patriot was able to dissipate it much better than other AR’s I’ve fired. I did some supported slow fire, a bullet every 15 seconds at a distance of 75 meters. During the slow fire I was able to keep a tight group. The weapon operated extremely well for the entirety of shooting and I experienced no malfunctions with the cycle of operations.

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