First Impressions: These look great and if you take a closer look they actually tell a story with all the small details they’ve got etched into them. These aren’t cheap, flimsy, rubber beach-wear, pimped out on the boardwalk, by store owners looking to make a buck on tourists who forgot to pack footwear. Just one look and you realize these guys are on to something. Birkenstock and Aeropostale these ain’t. Combat Flip Flops look like they’re made to kick someone’s ass before you head into a bar in Texas and tell your listeners the backstory.

Surely these sandals are conversation starters and a lot of thought went into this brand. The tag line is ”Bad for running, worse for fighting” but wearing their sturdy footwear certainly makes you feel like telling everyone you’re the boss. When somebody disagrees with you just lift up your foot and show them why.

Okay, let’s be real. Combat Flips Flops might not help you throw a punch better but let the sandals do all the talking. By night’s end it’s likely that you’ve got some new friends and sold them on getting their own pair. So, let’s set the record straight. Combat Flip-Flops aren’t designed for covert beach and bar ops. But they look like they should be.

The Details: Each of their sandals (or flops) is well made and the brilliance is in the details. The AK-47’s are decorated with the butt ends of AK-47 shell casings. The Tuck Tucks that I’m reviewing are brilliant red and symbolize the energy of every industrious Afghan citizen who taxis around cities in their loud, three wheeled ride the sandal is known by.

It took me a few days to notice every feature in them. From the poppy hood ornament to the quality stitching, to the Afghan flag colors, they tell a great story. As advertised, they’re louder than most flip-flops and are definitely conversation starters.

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