The Data Book by MOS Tactical is a good addition to anyone’s kit bag. Obviously it has military applications but it can be used for civilian excursions as well. This would have come in handy for me and my pal nearly 15 years ago when we got caught in an unpredicted huge storm that came in from the ocean.


On an intended 60 mile run from our starting point and into the forest, the rain, and insane pressing squall made us shelter in place.

Our map was nearly destroyed and then eventually lost. We had a choice to hunker down in the onslaught or try to make it back home; we chose the latter and did so without any needed navigational help. Sucked to be us.


A wet, soggy map is no map at all, so take precautions to protect your data.

The Data Book is just another item that you should consider purchasing. It has four, thick, double-sided, clear plastic pages and includes the front and back cover. For your convenience it also has a pen holder. The pen holder only has one opening in order to prevent your pen from slipping out the other side. It will hold small or even larger pens such as Sharpies.

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