I first spotted TFR Operations on Instagram and reached out to Ben McDaniel about doing an article on his glassware business. We discussed veteran run businesses and the need to spotlight good companies, particularly companies that create unique product or provide unique services, and I thought TFR Operations was one of them.

Ben once served as a United States Army Ranger in 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Some time after leaving the military Ben created TFR. His niche is etched glassware and I think he does a brilliant job at it. He also meets two other criteria for me: affordability and expediency in creation and shipping.

By phone Ben told me he still recalls being on a budget while he was an enlisted soldier. For TFR he decided to make affordable glassware that even a young serviceman could afford. Pint glasses come in right around $10.00 dollars. Custom glassware is available as well.

After talking for a good 20 minutes Ben said he’d send me a sample of his work. He should have said the word “samples” because he gave me a few items. Right off the bat, he sent me two custom made shaker-pint glasses with the Spotter Up logo and a shot glass with the Ranger emblem. Not only that but he also included a custom Ranger/Spartan t-shirt and a Viking patch. Incredible service and I didn’t even pay a dime.

In this day and age glassware has become affordable. It wasn’t always so. In ancient time decorative drinking vessels was something reserved solely for a different class of customer. Kings, queens and tribal leaders drank out of hand-made works of art. Whether made out of metal, wood stone or bone, drinking vessels were unique, and museums house some of these great relics.

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(featured image courtesy of spotterup.com)