I purchased the Mutlicam color Mod 1 K9 Lead in the 6 foot length and the Mod 1 QD Belt release from Thr3Six to test and evaluate.  I am a K9 handler with a Police Department and currently handle a single purpose Explosive Detection Canine.  I used both of these items for the last 3 months during work, training scenarios, and at home.  Overall the lead and belt release worked as expected and have shown no wear or tear in the 3 months of constant use.

Product Review Thr3Six Dog Lead

When I first received the lead I was surprised at how light the lead was compared to other leads that I’ve used in the past. The lead also had a much thinner profile compared to other more common leads.  The handle was comfortable due to the soft pig suede sewn on the inside.

The handle has an AustriAlpin COBRA quick release buckle on it for ease in switching out different length leads.  Thr3Six offers different sizes from 2 foot all the way up to a 6 foot lead.  This offers the handler multiple options for different searches.  I think that down the road it would be nice to see Thr3Six offer a 15 foot or 30 foot lead with that same buckle.

During most of my searches when the dog took the lead to full extension, the lead became tangled just below the COBRA buckle.  If the dog pulled hard enough the twisted part of the lead would correct itself.   Although during normal routine searches the twist just below the COBRA buckle stayed in the lead until I manually untangled it.

I believe that the best way to correct this would be to add a swivel in that location. That being said the buckle is definitely one of my favorite parts of the lead.  I have also used the lead several times in heavy brush and dense cover.  During each of these incidents the lead did not get snagged or tangled in any of the branches or sticker bushes.  I like having the ability to easily switch out different size leads for different searching styles.

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