Prometheus Design Werx EDC Guide Cloth Short

In a world where cargo shorts are running rampant, it’s always a breath of fresh air when I see something come out that is both fashionable and functional. Prometheus Design Werx has been known as a company that really finds some of the most technical fabrics in the world, and turns them into the best-designed clothing you’ve ever worn. The EDC Guide Cloth Shorts are, in my opinion, their crown jewel and the best short I’ve ever worn.

The material is made out of their proprietary Guide Cloth. They describe it as a ‘Mid-weight, durable, breathable nylon and elastic blend in a woven twill cloth with a DWR finish’. I know that was a lot to try to swallow. But the fabric is similar to the groin material on Crye Precision combat pants, or for those who haven’t worn Crye, it’s a…… loss for words. There is no way to really explain the fabric at all. Mid-weight, that is perfect for ‘all season’ but almost feels like swim trunks. The fabric is incredibly stretchy with no feeling of severe fabric tension. I truly feel it may be impossible to rip them. PDW said they ‘allow you to move like Chuck, and feel like Bourne.’Prometheus Design Werx: EDC Guide Cloth shorts

I’ve been wearing these shorts for close to a year now and it got to a point where I had to buy a pair in every single color, which was expanded to Arid Earth, Wolf Grey and Leaf Green, sadly they dropped the Black this year. I truly wear these shorts days on end due to the ample pockets, breathability, and form-fitting look. I’m not a fan of the 90’s style seeing as I’m in my 30’s and cargo shorts are out of the question. There are two streamlined welt pockets on either thigh and two on the front that I regularly use the standard two front and two rear. The side welt pockets usually carry my wallet, keeping it out from under my butt where it causes back pain and one of the two front welt pockets carries my phone (iPhoneX) perfectly.

After some time wearing these, I discovered that I had no use for the two front delta rings that were designed to carry keys on a D-Ring. The rings also brought a feeling of “tactical” to these otherwise inconspicuous shorts so I cut them off without regret. I recommend taking some time before altering your clothing to make sure that it is, in fact, something that you won’t regret. Another feature that causes some slight frustration is the hidden pocket on the inside rear waistband. I’m a huge fan of the concept, but the pocket is a flap that commonly pops out of the shorts, exposing itself to whomever and opening itself up to spill whatever contents it may have. If you wanted to, you could take the shorts to a seamstress and have them stitch the pocket down to the inside to prevent this from happening.

Whether you’re taking these for a hike, wearing them to the beach or just on a stroll downtown, these shorts are truly universal and should be at the top of your list. As with most PDW products, these shorts sell out fast and you shouldn’t delay in grabbing a pair. I promise you won’t regret your purchase.